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General Deposit Information and Procedures

Deposits can be categorized into Sponsorship/Donation deposits and General deposits. Each type has their own deposit form that should accompany the deposit.  Use the following general procedures for processing deposits but be sure to use the correct form when submitting your deposit.

• Deposits can be made by filling out the provided deposit record and submitting endorsed checks/cash to the GBBC treasurer via the GBBC box at TRHS.  All checks must have the club/sport name on them.  Utilize a club specific Red Rocks Credit Union endorsement stamp if possible. 

• Do not hold checks for more than a week.

• Be VERY SPECIFIC on what the funds are from.  You may use one form to deposit $ from different sources as long as they are clearly itemized.  Do not reference “misc.” or just “fundraising”.  Use the donations deposit form for donations.

• If your deposit contains cash, please log it in with the TRHS bookkeeper to be placed in the safe.

• Organize your deposits by grouping like check amounts.  Indicate amount of cash (& coins), checks and total deposit.