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GBBC Membership

The Registration "GBBC Membership" is not currently available.


Organized as a nonprofit corporation, the ThunderRidge Grizzly Bear Backer Club (“GBBC”) is the booster club for more than forty sports, clubs and activities at ThunderRidge High School. GBBC provides a vital means for our coaches and activity sponsors to efficiently fund and manage their operating budgets and handles for them State and Federal compliance, accounts payable, oversight and accountability. We also provide flexibility in dealing with vendors as well as individual parent support organizations.

Managed by an elected Board of Directors, GBBC relies on its’ membership base to remain viable and asks for membership support from all of our sponsored activities. By maintaining a large membership base, it is also our hope to create a strong voice in advocating for Activities and Athletics within the school district.

Use the attached membership form to indicate your donation or register online through the link below(online payments incur a minimal processing fee).  You may direct a portion of your donation to one or more specific organizations or sports. If you do not specify a sport or activity your donation will be directed to the general fund. As a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization (tax ID# 84-1454832), your contribution to the Grizzly Bear Backer Club may be tax deductible. The following membership levels are available and various gifts will be given (such as decals, game passes (+1 / membership level), lip balm, travel mugs, yard signs and visors – subject to change) as a thank you for supporting your teams, clubs and the GBBC organization.


  • BLUE/GREEN Membership - $50-99; decal and 1 game pass
  • GRIZZLY SILVER Membership - $100-249; decal and 3 game passes
  • GRIZZLY GOLD Membership - $250-399; decal and 4 game passes
  • GRIZZLY PLATINUM Membership-$400+; decal, license plate holder, 2 TR Tumblers, and 4 game passes 
  • Additional sponsorship and support opportunities are available

The Board of Directors of the Grizzly Bear Backer Club thanks you in advance for your continued support of the sports and activities of our ThunderRidge students.